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a public service announcement


Because this blog has many updates and things can get buried from time to time, and because so much time is spent on crafty sorts of things, I don't always take time to make sure everyone knows about some important things about Wild Olive! Today, I invite you to read through a few bits of info that you might find helpful and interesting!

Following Wild Olive
I love it when you come to the real blog site (especially because it gives you the chance to see special things like sponsors!), but I really love it when folks subscribe and follow in different ways! On the Follow tab you can sign up for my mailing list (for occasional emails about what Wild Olive is up to!), connect with GFC, or follow on Blog Lovin'. You can also get blog updates in your inbox through the subscription box in the sidebar!

I Heart Pinterest
If it weren't for Pinterest, I'd never be able to keep track of the links I love. You can follow my pins (I always try to make sure that they link to the proper credit!) and see what I'm liking. And you are ALWAYS welcome to pin things from Wild Olive. If a picture doesn't pin, it means one of two things: 1) It's an image that I don't want pinned (every so often this happens!), or 2) I uploaded the image early, and didn't make it pin-able yet...try again later!

Recently, I added an affiliate program to Wild Olive. There's a disclosure at the bottom of the blog, but I wanted to make sure it was clearly stated. Sometimes, if you click through to an item and purchase it, I get a small percentage. But I only link to things I actually like and use. This is simply a way to maybe make a little extra from the things that I was already sharing with you all!

Proper Use
The patterns, projects and printables that I share here on Wild Olive are designed for personal use. That means, please don't sell them. The one exception is that you can use make things for non-profit charity fundraising. I'm happy to have you do that! Oh, and you're welcome to use a photo or two in a blog post, as long as you credit me with a link. Also...Thanks!

Above All
There is one thing that is the most important to me. It's that when asked this question, the answer is "Every. Single. One."


  1. I have an announcement as well. I love reading your blog, am in awe of your faith, and think that you are a lovely person. :)

  2. Thanks for the update and I HAVE used your patterns for charity. I embroidered 8 cupcakes and made a "cupcake quilt" - so cute and fun. Love your blog and your happy patterns.


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