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30 days of lists

The other night I was thinking about how it might be time to do another photo challenge for a month. I've fallen into the rut of only taking photos for the blog, shop and a few other projects, and I need to fix that.

And then I remembered 30 Days of Lists. I hadn't forgotten, as I'm a sponsor for the project, but I hadn't put it all together. #30Lists is about a quick way to journal based on a prompt, and via a list. It happens in September, so there's one list each day. I signed up last year, and really enjoyed it!

Photos aren't really a part of this, but I like the idea of adding this component. Can I challenge myself to take photos that in some way relate to the daily lists? Yes, I do believe I can! (And I still might share a few of them here on the blog...)

If you're interested in 30 Days of Lists, you can register through the link below. The cost is low, and the fun is high! Even though it doesn't officially start for a month, there are some extras planned on the private blog between now and then. Good stuff!

(Just so you know, I'm a sponsor and affiliate, so I'm compensated for registrations made here...but I'm also a fan and participant...I love the #30Lists ladies!)

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