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snapshot saturday // shiny


new silver and gold thread. waiting for a project needing some shine.


  1. Mollie,

    You are right! So shiny! I have tons of things that I have saved to use and have never used them. If you think about it, it is sad to realize the creativity that has not been expressed or obtained. I've had the worst month ever and I appologize for being philosophical but I'm coming to realize that life is to live not exist. I plan on pulling out all my stuff and going through it AND using it. Keep you informed.


    P.S. Mollie, Thank you for having a blog where I could come to when life has slapped me across the face and I needed an escape to think about something different.

    1. Maureen, I'm so happy to be a place of escape, and I hope that life improves soon. And about all those unused supplies...the nice thing about the internet is that you can find a tutorial to use up just about anything you can imagine...and suddenly you'll have things far better than what you started with! A bit like life in that way...(How's that for philosophical!?!)

  2. I am sure it's easy enough to find a project that needs some glitter and shine. Or, according to my little girl: Doesn't every project need some glitter and shine? I look forward to seeing what you'll be making with it!


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