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illustration: ruby taylor style

Ruby Taylor Artwork

The closest I've ever been to summer camp was visiting a camp for a few hours and getting a tour and watching Parent Trap. The closest I've ever been to shooting an arrow was probably one with a suction cup tip and watching Robin Hood. But lately, I've been drawn to these things. (I think Moonrise Kingdom has been an influence, even though I still haven't seen it!)

So I was especially happy to see these lovely pieces by illustrator Ruby Taylor. Her style is charming, and the arrows and camping motifs are perfectly timed to my latest obsession!

Ruby Taylor Artwork

Ruby's use of typography, packaging and design elements in her art are also a draw for me. She's got lots more to see, so be sure to check out her site!

Ruby Taylor Artwork

Thanks, Ruby, for allowing me to share your work!

1 comment:

  1. Hello my dear,

    It seems your links to Ruby's site aren't working. It might just be me, but worth double checking!

    Speak soon,
    Katie x


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