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embroidery pattern: shiny happy world style

This month, some of my sponsors are sharing guest posts, and today I welcome Wendi from Shiny Happy World. She has one of her super sweet embroidery patterns to share with you!

Hi there! I'm Wendi from Shiny Happy World. I design sewing, quilting, and embroidery patterns especially for beginners. That means I include loads of step-by-step photos in all my patterns, along with links to free video tutorials teaching you every skill you'll need to complete a project. I want my patterns to be easy for beginners - and fun and relaxing for more experienced stitchers.

That said - here's a super easy pattern designed especially for you. Meet Sluggo. I don't know what he is. I was trying to draw dinosaurs one day and of all the things that ended up on those sketchbook pages - he was my favorite. Even though I don't know of any dinosaurs that move like Jabba the Hutt. :-)

He's incredibly easy to stitch. I used backstitch for the whole dang thing - except for the eye where I used the fancy-schmancy eye-stitching technique that I developed for my rag dolls.

Download the pattern here.

And happy stitching!

Thanks, Wendi! For more embroidery and sewing fun that's as sweet as Sluggo, go visit Shiny Happy World!


  1. I <3 Sluggo. lol. He's just so flippin' cute!! Thanks for sharing him!

  2. super cute wendy thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Love Sluggo too! So cute - I am thinking of making him for my soon to arrive nephew's nursery :)


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