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printable: pages for your recipe binder

Not-So-Square Meals Printable Extras

As someone who makes and sells a lot of recipe card PDFs, I have a shameful secret. My recipes are not organized. Many reside in the overstuffed binder you see here, and some are who knows where. Pinterest has helped me a good deal when it comes to online recipes, but those that are on paper are a bit of a mess.

I've just never taken the time to transfer everything over, but at least now the cover looks pretty:

Not-So-Square Meals Printable Extras

Last fall I made a new meal planning kit called Not-So-Square Meals, and recently someone came to me with some ideas for companion pages. The cover that is now in my binder is one of those pages, as well as a page for short recipes, and a page that could be used as an index.

Not-So-Square Meals Printable Extras

The short recipe page holds three recipes, so you don't waste a whole sheet with one recipe that only needs a brief description. The index has two columns so that you type the category on the top line (for example, casseroles), then list all your recipes within that category underneath. So handy for menu planning!

When Lori suggested these pages, I knew that they needed to go into the already existing PDF that I sell, but I wanted to make sure that those who already purchased it could have access to these pages. And guess what? You now have access to these extra pages too!

Whether you have the full PDF kit or not, I think these could make a nice addition to your recipe binder, and I hope you find them helpful!


  1. I love your beautiful ideas! :) Thank you for the gives aways and the inspiration.

    Greetings from Norway

  2. How cute are these. It gets me in the mood to organize my recipes. They too are an unsitely mess. Thanks


  3. These are super cute. You'r so talented!

    ♥ sécia

  4. These are terrific! Many Thanks :)

  5. this is such a good idea thank you


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