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christmas memories

Christmas brings with it memories and meanings. Sometimes those include the lights, gifts and decorations, and sometimes they are separate from those. They all come together to make Christmas a very special time, and today a few of my friends and sponsors have some stories to share.

As I was reading these, I literally laughed and cried. It was wonderful! I invite you to read their stories, visit these lovely ladies, then share your own story. Here's the question I asked:

What Christmas memory means the most to you?

I grew up as a foster child. I spent the first 7 years in foster care with the same family, but I ended up moving in the middle of 7th grade because my foster mom's health had declined to the point that the family was no longer able to properly care for me. In the weeks leading up to that first Christmas after the big move, I still felt unsettled in my new home. As odd as it sounds, one of the things I missed the most from my old home (besides the people of course) was my feather pillow. I was so used to sleeping on a feather pillow that any other type of pillow just didn't feel right. On Christmas morning, I came down the stairs from my bedroom into the living room and joined my new parents along the tree. The first gift I opened was a feather pillow, and it meant the world to me. —Amber

My favorite Christmas memory is being with my little sister. She would come into my room and wake me up early on Christmas morning, eager to get started. Our whole family would gather in our pjs while my sister and I opened our stockings, and then we would move to the tree to pass out our presents and dig in. I recently got married, so this will be the first Christmas not living with my sister. It did not sink in until the Christmas season was upon us, and now I find myself getting choked up when I think about it. We will still be together on Christmas, but it will be different now. I will always treasure those memories. —Kat

The Christmas Memory that means the most to me are the ones where I get to enjoy the company of my family. I haven't spent a Christmas with both of my sisters in about 13 years, so the last one we spent together means the world to me. For me it isn't about the gifts, it's just about being with the ones I love. —Liesi

The Christmas memory that means the most to me involved a shocking revelation.... We were staying at my Granny and Grandpa's house for Christmas one year and, as tradition dictates, we left out a glass of whisky & a mince pie for Santa. When I raced downstairs on Christmas morning to see if Santa had been, I was shocked to discover that he'd stolen my Grandpa's best whisky glass... (in actual fact, my Grandpa had enjoyed his extra Christmas Eve whisky dram and from force of habit, then washed, dried and put the glass away!) I spent months telling everyone I met that Santa was a thief... and my Granny & Grandpa always backed up my story with straight faces! —Victoria

My best Christmas memories come from all the times we went to my Grandmother's for Christmas Eve to sleep over. I was always allowed to open 1 present, which was always some nice new jammies. My Grandmother was terrible at waiting and sometimes we'd end up opening more and more. Once we even did the whole thing the night before. It was so fun to see her like a little kid, crazy excited for the big event! —Tara

Now it's your turn! What Christmas memory means the most to you?


  1. The best christmas memory for me is when I got older and didn't believe anymore. We used to get a santa's late delivery (he forgot it) and everyone who was in the house would get a silly little present. When I realised what went on it was even more fun. My Grandad would pretend to go to the loo, run round the back of the house to the front door. he would put the parcel in the porch and ring the bell. Run back around, flush the loo and come in puffing and panting asking who was at the. door. No matter if any one believed or not he still did it. It made Christmas every year more special. Now he has gone we still carry on the tradition but it will never be the same without him.

  2. Wow, these are great stories. I really liked Amber's. We are foster parents and my mother fostered when I was a young adult (one of them are grown and living with us now). What a touching story, It made me tear up. Merry Chrsitmas everyone and hold even tighter to you loved ones this year.

  3. I love these stories! Hearing about other people's fun and touching memories is so great! My favorite/most fun Christmas memory from when I was little was one year when I was still reasonably small (maybe 6-7). I had always had this antique dresser that belonged to my grandmother and I knew there were bed frames that matched it but I had to sleep in an old bunk bed with my sister. I begged my mom to let me have the beds that matched my dresser but she said that we couldn't afford mattresses for them. So I put mattress at the top of my Christmas list that year. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts but it was the best Christmas present I remember to come out on Christmas morning and see a giant mattress under the tree (well it was kind of leaning up against the wall beside the tree).


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