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the story of: the december desktop

All this year, I've shared a story each month, and we've reached the last story. I considered a few Christmas-themed stories, but you really can't beat the original. So for December, our story is...

More about The Stable a little later in the month, but for now, you can decorate your computer's desktop with a calendar wallpaper in JPG or PNG formats. They are one-size-fits-most, so be sure to adjust your settings for the best fit.

I'm really looking forward to December, and I hope you are too!


  1. I love it Mollie! You are such a wonderful designer!

    And I just have to thank you again for sponsoring my giveaway on my site, it is going really well! *smile*


  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I really like your desktops. It is on my computer now!

  3. Kelly7:48 AM

    I like this the best of all the ones you've done this year! This will help me get into the spirit of Advent - joyful anticipation!!!

    God bless you...

  4. I have this as my desktop right now... and was just looking at it... There are 31 days in December.... just an FYI!!!! New Years Eve is on Saturday not Friday.....could you imagine all the parties on Friday!!! it would make life pretty great !!!!

  5. Oh my! tif, you're the first to notice that. I'm so sorry! The files have both been updated now, so you can enjoy the full 31 days of December!


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