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share the story of you

what's your story?

This month, I'd like to invite you to tell your story. Write a post on your own blog, then leave the link here in the comments. Or, maybe you have a short story about something in your life. Share it in the comments.

The point is, you have a story, and believe it or not, your story is better than any of the folk and fairy tales that I've featured throughout the year. Seriously.


  1. I shared a personal story about me on my blog today -


    Thanks for letting us share!


  2. I think my whole blog is about my story . . . lol . . . but I'm not sure it's better than a fairy tale. More interesting, perhaps! :)


  3. Hey Mollie,
    What a cute idea. I decided to play along with you but with a little twist.
    You can check it out if you want: http://asnailslife.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/life-soundtrack/

  4. I will DEFINITELY do this!!! In the mean time, here is my story on how my wife and I met and who we are, on the inside.

    Our story: http://www.lariatsandlavender.com/p/how-we-met.html

    Who we are: http://www.lariatsandlavender.com/p/something-very-dear-and-important-to-me.html

    Enjoy! ^_^

  5. hmmm...I don't feel like I have a good story right now...but here's one from a little while ago that sums up how I think about trying new things :)



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