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tomorrow and this week and next


Tomorrow I'll be hopping on a plane, and hopping the pond to see dear Katie! This is her drawing of us the first time we met, which is also the last time I saw her. It's difficult to see blog friends when they live so far away, but this is going to be a lovely trip and a lovely way to see her.

While I'm away, I have plenty of posts lined up, but if anything seems a little strange, or doesn't show up for a while, you know why. It's because the magical blog elves don't always get things right.

Also while I'm away, I have a magical shop elf...my sister! Anna will be "packing and shipping" all of the orders in my shop (which actually means attaching files and emailing!), and I'm so happy to have her help. She even volunteered for the job! (Be kind to her as she's new to this, but feel free to send orders her way.)

Have a wonderful Monday, and I'll be back soon with more Wild Olive goodness!


  1. Your coming to England?!
    That's where I am!!
    Stop by a Cath Kidston shop if you can... It's the best britishy stuff there is (especially the fabric range and sewing boxes)

  2. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! Aren't sister's great?!

  3. Be safe and enjoy your trip!!!

  4. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Mollie have a lot of fun and I will be praying for you!! Tell Katie I admire her God Given talent!! Maybe create a pattern or too! Cheerio! Paula

  5. fun! and the drawing is adorable


  6. Have a great trip, Mollie!!!


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