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something new

Nutcracker Sweets

Things have been slow going when it comes to my shop. I have many things planned and started, but getting them actually finished has been something else entirely. Finally, today I got something done. Just one pattern set that I've had sketched for over a year, but it's progress.

The Nutcracker Sweets embroidery pattern is now in the shop, and some coordinating printables will happen soon. (I just couldn't wait to get this one listed after waiting so long!)

Royal Opera House

And no doubt, my beyond amazing trip to see the Royal Ballet helped this along. We didn't see the Nutcracker, but I can't imagine a more stunning performance that what Katie and I saw at the Royal Opera House!


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    So cute! Hope things pick up a little for you =) I've just been bought tickets to see Swan Lake in the new year, nothing beats the ballet!

  2. Ooo, that is so cute and charming!!! How special!!!

  3. It's beautiful, Mollie! When I was in England, I went to the Royal ballet as well. So spectacular!


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