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review: last-minute knitted gifts ebook


SPOILER ALERT! If you're my sister, you shouldn't read this post! If you're not my sister, please read on...

It's not very often that I knit or crochet, mainly because I like a nice quick project, and these things take time. And so when Last-Minute Knitted Gifts came out a few years back, I knew it would be a good one for me. I picked it up at the library, but never made anything. But then I recently learned that STC Craft now has some of their titles in eBook format, I was reintroduced to this very useful title. The fine folks at STC Craft sent me a copy of the eBook to check out, and I'm so happy they did! (Christmas is coming, after all...)

Take a look at this video showing a little about the books that are now available in this format, and the art of knitting, then scroll down for my review and plans for gift-making!

First of all, this is a really great book with plenty of projects of varying skill levels and time commitments. The content of the eBook matches the hardcopy, but I was curious how I would feel about the photos when viewing them on my mom's semi-generic e-reader. But I was pleasantly surprised! It's difficult to capture the quality when taking a photo of the screen, but you'll get the idea...


Before loading this book onto the device, I looked at it in Adobe Digital Editions. In that program, the table of contents is linked to take you directly the sections and projects you're looking for. This isn't possible on the e-reader I'm using. However, I'm still a little new to eBooks, so I may just be doing something wrong. Or it could just be that this device isn't as fancy as Kindles and Nooks and such. Maybe one of you has more experience with this type of feature?


But I think my favorite thing about this was that I could take the whole thing with me when going to buy yarn. It was handy, and it made me feel technologically superior. (It was all in my head...) Since the store I went to didn't have exact matches, I spent a fair amount of time comparing yarns, looking at all of the information provided so I would have a close match to the weight needed.


I'm so excited to be making these leg-warmers (for my sister, who tells me that she doesn't read my blog specifically because of possible gifts), and if all goes well, I might be making a set for myself! Even I can handle knitting some tubes...right?

If you're a knitter, and an eBook reader, I highly recommend that you check out these eight titles from STC Craft. I'm already eyeing which ones I'll need to purchase (hint: they all involve small and easy projects!)!


  1. I LOVE leg warmers (& arm warmers, too!) Your sister is going to love these !

  2. Oh this was the first knitting book I ever bought all those years ago :)

    I've made so many projects from it (the Hourglass Sweater was my first wearable-outside-the-house garment) but I never did get around to knitting those leg warmers and they are very cute!

    I think I'll get it off the shelf and have another flick through!


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