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a little interview with paula

Today's little interview is with Paula McElrath, or Miss Paula as she's often known online. I've gotten to know Paula through her stitching work and my shop and blog. I recently got up the courage to tell her that I consider her my blog mom. She's the kind of encouraging person that everyone should have in a mom, and I feel blessed to have someone like this online (in addition to my real life mom!). Now, here's a little interview with Paula.


Tell us a little about yourself and your favorite craft or medium.

I am 51 years old and have been married to Robert for 28 years. We have known each other 42, me in the 4th grade and Robert in the 3rd! We have four children, with two being married! I have a grandson 2 1/2 and he has a brother due on October 14th! My daughter and her husband are due with a little boy December 5th! I call my Grandson Lil Punkin and will call his new little brother Lil Peanut!!

I am a follower of Jesus and I am so thankful that my family are all believers in Jesus! We all serve in some kind of way in our church and all to give God the Glory!

I love to embroider! Read and embroider! If I am headed out somewhere and I know I might have to wait, I take either my book or my embroidery! I know how to x-stitch but there just isn't any creativity with this art. I like how when I embroider a picture that I can be creative! I can choose the stitch, color and I am able to add little dots or swirls or even words if I want!


How long have you been embroidering, and where did you learn it?

I taught myself to embroider in elementary school. My mom had a book of embroidery stitches and thought this was something I could do! I used to do stamped crewel kits because working off the stamped pattern was just not done then!! Like coloring, you didn't color outside the line! I could also do French Knots as for now, it is my hardest stitch to conquer!

When I got married and had the four children, anything creative was pushed aside. I should have kept up at the time but life was so busy. When my youngest was in High School I picked up the hoop, needle and floss again and I have now been stitching for 6 years.

I love the new trend in "being creative" and to "color outside the lines" so to speak! I don't create patterns although I would love to but I find such talented people out in embroidery land that share their gift with me!! I do not sell any of my work! All is stitched for me or for gifts! Once I start to sell then the fun will go out the door!

Why is it important to you to make the things you do?

Embroidery is important to me as it reminds me that God is our Creator and is an Artist! This is my way to show myself being creative. I believe one who embroiders is an Artist! We don't have a paint brush and paint but we have a needle and floss and a creative mind, a gift that we can share with others. When I see pattern I often think what scripture verse would go with this, or when listening to someone teaching I think of how can I express this with my needle!


If you could learn a new artistic or crafty skill, what would it be?

There are many talents I would love to have, but one tops the list! Drawing!! Sometimes when I see something pretty I want to be able to just draw it in my sketch book. Sketch book? Yes, I have one, with the dream of someday what I draw will look like something! I would love to make embroidery patterns like you Mollie or to sketch like Katie Green!! She is another gal who I admire greatly!

There have been a couple of times where I have asked you Mollie to help me with a pattern! To create your stump pattern to reflect Daniel 4:15 in the Old Testament when I was having a difficulty and needed something tangible for me to see. Also when I needed a shoe drawing for our Tijuana Mission trip you were a help to me! Little ways you have helped me, but all for Glorifying God! We have never met Mollie, but our lives have a common purpose and a love for the same Jesus!

Now I am a Mamie and pretty much an empty nester, and I spend a lot of time searching for that "perfect" pattern!! But I think I will find that when I learn to draw and can make it up myself! Oh I can't wait to see it!!

You can find more of Paula's stitching work in her Flickr stream, and be sure to check out her blog! Thank you for sharing, Paula! Hugs to you!


  1. W O W!!
    I love her embroidery work!! She is so talented!!

  2. Thanks so much for this interview Mollie!
    Your embroidery is beautiful Paula! And I know just what you mean about scripture speaking to you in visions of embroidery or drawings- the same thing happens to me! What a blessing!!

  3. these are precious



  4. My children each have an embroidery that Auntie Paula has made for them! I have one too, and she even made one for my granddaughter, her great-niece!

    They are family heirlooms - treasures to us!

    Deanna McElrath Rabe

  5. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Thank you Mollie and friends!! I loved making stitcheries for my nieces and nephew! I just finished one for my grandson and my two almost here grandson's! All to pass along the generations!

    Mollies sister! Did Mollie make is over the pond???


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