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find your blog mojo

Wild Olive is a blog about patterns, projects and printables, so sometimes it feels a a little funny to write about blogging here. And yet, your blog (my blog too!) is a project in itself, and so sometimes I write about blogging here. Make sense? Specifically, I like to share things that take blogs from good to great. Today I have the pleasure of sharing an amazing resource with you.

But first, do you know about Bryan Allain? His blog is filled with funny. He's funny enough that you might not take him seriously on much of anything. Well, except being funny. But Bryan has much more to offer.

I've read some really good blogging advice from Bryan Allain's Killer Tribes newsletter (formerly Blog Rocket), so when I heard that he had written a book about blogging, I was excited. And I was even more excited when I was selected to be among a group of bloggers to get a copy early for review.

Here's my big review: If you have a blog, you need to read 31 Days to Finding Your Blog Mojo. Done.

Honestly, that's how I feel about this book. Someone on Twitter commented to me that people don't always understand that blogging is like a job. It's true. Blogging takes effort, it's hard work, and you have to be intentional about it. Blog Mojo points you in the right direction, challenges and encourages you, and makes you laugh all the while.

I tried to skim this book (it's 101 pages, and I had only a short time to review it), but I couldn't because there was too many valuable things that I didn't want to miss. Each of the 31 days is a bite-sized chapter, and each has an action step to move you forward. Of course, I haven't done everything yet, but I have started making some adjustments on my own blog. (That photo of me in the sidebar? Bryan's doing!) And that's okay though, because I felt like this isn't just a course to do over 31 days, it will also serve as a reference book that I'll go to when I'm needing a blogging boost.

No matter how long you've been blogging, and no matter what you blog about, I think this is an extremely helpful book. And here's my favorite part: It's only $4.99. To me, that price tag says that Bryan isn't trying to get rich...it says that he wants to help you be a better blogger. Take him up on it. You won't regret it.

PS: As I've been reading, I've been talking about this book with my family. When I told my brother about it, I called it 31 Days to Finding Your Blog Mojo Jojo. Yeah. I'm cool.

PPS: Bryan has a distinct style to his humor...I enjoy it. To find out if you'll like it too, be sure to check out his blog.


  1. You had me at blog mojo. Just bought the book, can't wait to read it!

  2. Thank you, Mollie! Just bought it, and I can't wait to dive in.

  3. I totally need this book...cause I think I lost my blog mojo. Sounds like a great read.

  4. Thanks for the review, Mollie. Too bad I still don't have a Kindle. I'm just SO behind the times ;) I may borrow one from my DAD to read it. Ironically.

  5. You can get it as a PDF too, which is how I read it.

  6. I'm with Rachel. LOL I'll prolly download it as a PDF tho.

  7. This is awesome, thanks so much for the recommendation! I just bought the book and I am so excited to start reading it :) <3

  8. I agree that blogging is like a job, but it's a job that I really enjoy doing :) Luckily I have never lost my mojo since I started my blog!
    Nevertheless, I think this may be a good inspiration to continue innovating and captivating our readers ;) thank you for sharing! :)

  9. Rachel and Sierra, you can download the Kindle app for your computer and your phone for free. No need to get the actual Kindle device.

    Mollie, thank you so much for posting this. I starred it in my greader because the title of the post got me interested! I'm on my way to Day 6 of the book and am finding it really helpful...verbose, but helpful.

  10. Needed this so much. Thanks for sharing!


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