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celebrate color: my fall colors

Celebrate Color

Rachel from Stitched in Color invited me to be part of a small group of people that are celebrating color this fall. Well, technically, we all get to celebrate color, but I get to officially be in the partnership with Emma, Shannon, and of course, Rachel. We're coming up with some special projects and posts, and the most exciting part is that there are contests that all of you are welcome to enter!

Head over to the contest page, and you can read more about how you can get to creating some home decor, wearable, yarn or needlepoint (that's my category!) entries in your favorite fall colors. You can also read more about Celebrate Color right here.

To get started, some of us thought it would be a good idea to show what we think of when we're talking about fall colors. In my mind, I always think of jewel tones. Deep, rich colors that aren't always what you think of as "fall colors".

Celebrate Fall Colors

But when it comes right down to it, I need lots of oranges and yellows and browns, with a few extras thrown in there for good measure. Ah yes, these are my favorites...especially when they have fun names. They aren't always the way that I dress during this season, nor are they how I would decorate. But they are what I like to use for fall projects.

Over the next three months, I'll be sharing some Celebrate Color posts here, and you can follow along with everyone's posts by watching the Celebrate Color page on Stitched in Color. It's going to be a great time!

Now, before we go on, what are your colors for fall?


  1. Fun post! I love Autumn colors. Right now my faves are mustard yellow and orange!


  2. I love autumn colours too! One thing I really like about them is how they change through the season. From the bright strong jewel tones in September and October to the bleak, foggy washed-out earthy tones of November. Like most people, I'm mostly attracted to the strong colours during those beautiful days when the trees are filled with colourful leaves, but I can see a certain amount of romance in a cold, wet day in late October or November too. (I once used that as inspiration for a bracelet.)

    And if you look closely, try to see beyond the warm and sparkly red, orange and golden hues, you can find so many other seasonal tones. For example, out horse chestnut tree has begun to change colours and not only is it orange and yellow, but where the leaves have just begun to change, it's a sort of light lime or greenish pale yellow that you wouldn't normally think of as an autumn colour. And a few years back, I wrote about turquoise as an autumn colour. Add a little teal and turquoise goes from being a crisp, sunny summer colour to a more moody and earthy autumn tone.

    A long answer for a short question. Anyway, will have to check out Stitched in Colors now. Is the contest open to us international folks to, I wonder?

  3. James and I were married in the fall and I went immediately for jewel tones for our wedding colors! There's something about fall (my favorite season!) that makes me think of jewel tones...

  4. color selection = perfectly fun and warm!

  5. Yes, the contest is open internationally! What fun color names, Mollie. Especially luvin "jellied cranberries"!

  6. All the different greens are my favs, especially the bright yellowy ones. Also love the oranges and deep reds.

  7. Love these colors Mollie!!! My favorite colors to work with in the Fall are purples, dark yellows and browns.

  8. oh i just love this. i've been seeing these posts around. so lovely. i like the little bit of purple :)


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