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in my bag

30 Day Photo Challenge : In My Bag

Yesterday's photo prompt in the 30 Day Photo Challenge was "In My Bag". It's been a while since I shared one of these here, so I thought this would be a good time! Let me start by saying I carry too much stuff with me. My bag is heavy, and I can't seem to fix that. Oh well.

Here's what's in my JoTotes camera bag, that I also carry as my purse:

The camera I took this photo with
Diana Mini
50mm lens
Bag of emergency medicines
Coconut M&Ms (so good!)
Sunglasses case with multiple pairs of glasses
Coffee cup cozy
Shaker egg
Briefcase pouch for iPod and headphones
My brother's MP3 player
Rimmel Royal Gloss in Berry Crush (I love it!)
Almay Pure Tines (meh.)
Burt's Bees
Metal chain which I thought I had lost
Calling cards
Baby Jesus
Gum: Extra Mint and Apple Pie, Trident Sweet Cherry + Island Lime

Can you tell by this that there are children in my life? Not my children, but brothers and sisters. After taking this, I removed a few of these items, but I decided to leave Baby Jesus. He's been in my bag since last December, and I rather like having Him with me.

What strange things do you have in your bag?

(ps: click here see the rest of my photos from this challenge)


  1. Ive just moved back to the UK so thought i had cleared my bag out quite well but still managed to find in the depths a crochet hook, an embroidery needle and some plasters. Im going to a festival tomorrow so the usual will be thrown on top, camera's, sun cream, chocolate peanuts, money, ID, scarf, spare earings, lipstick, a pen and some paper.

  2. i think we might be kindred spirits on the m&m front. i have never met anyone else who likes the coconut m&m's. yum yum. they are my fave.

    & i love all the things you carry :D too cute.

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I tried those m&ms and I didn't like them. Otherwise that's pretty much what I have in my bag,

  4. hehe! I love the little Smurf in there!! How delightful to open your bag and find a little blue friend inside!! :)

  5. Aaw - love that you had a random Smurf in there! he he. I'm pretty sure there's an ugly doll keychain kickin around in my bag. ;)

  6. What's the little mouse in there? Is it holding your keys?

  7. Phoebe: Yep, it holds my keys! You can find it here: http://wildolive.blogspot.com/2011/03/make-bunny-keyper.html

  8. haha, since i work at a daycare i come home with all kinds of random things in my pockets that kids either gave me to hold onto or i saved from the vacuum...

  9. Baby Jesus!? Loved this post. It made me smile. Especially because I carry a wallet clutch. When I have a purse it becomes a bottomless pit of nonsense.

  10. Oh! I love M&M's! The pretzels ones are really good. I have yet to try the coconut kind though.

    And love the coffee cozy! Too cute. :)

  11. you have jesus and i have a little saint made out of clay that my gma bought me.

  12. if you like to see mine look here http://seniwithlove.blogspot.com/2011/08/photo-challenge-day-19.html

    loving this photo challenge :)

  13. My bag has the handbag-teddy. For christmas a few years ago I was given a crochet book of amigurumi, along with yarn, hook etc and a 'make me' tag on the bear.

    I finally finished it about 18 months later so popped it into my handbag to show to the person who gave me the gift. I believe it lived there for several months, before I remembered to show them (despite seeing them several times in between).

    It now lives in my handbag and an 'emergency' baby distraction if we have just popped out and don't have the pram with toys attached.

  14. You just can't go wrong with a baby Jesus in your purse. I have a four leaf clover that's been in my wallet since 4th grade, a dollar I earned for answering a chemistry question right in 11th, and a tiny crucifix that the popped off my key chain rosary.

  15. my bag stays very minimal (keys, wallet, glasses and book).... except for those darn silly receipts. they just seem to always stack up!

  16. Is your wallet in the shape of briefs??!? That is funny! I also really want to try coconut M&Ms. I have not seen them in the UK. :o(

  17. Anonymous11:41 AM

    *Gasp* You have a Briefcase pouch! I've been searching for them for forever! I bought my last one years ago and they don't make it anymore! Did you buy it recently? (Please please say yes!) Where from?

  18. zigzagza: I've had mine for a long, long time. It's so crazy that they don't make them anymore, because every time people see mine, they want one! I guess a replacement must be found...or made by some enterprising Etsian.

  19. Anonymous12:02 AM

    I actually wrote to the company to tell them that they have no idea what a great product it is! Checkout staff love them! A bright moment in a busy day.

    Please let me know if you do come across something close!


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