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easy scrapbooking paper wrap

I love giving handmade gifts, especially the ones that I've made myself, but one of the big challenges is wrapping them. I can't stand the idea of buying boxes, so I usually revert to a some sort of pouch. You can see a couple of them here and here. Yesterday, when deciding how to wrap my sister's embroidery hoop, I had an idea. (and you'll forgive the semi-ick photos that I rushed to take, right? This was a last minute deal)

Wrapping for my sister's gift

I pulled out a 12x12" piece of scrapbooking paper, and the hoop fit within the edges by just enough (when I put the tightening screw in the corner). Then I grabbed some brown kraft paper and trimmed it to be about 12x16"

Stapled around
Stapled around
See the perfect fit?

This is stapled around three edges, with the extra length of the kraft paper as a flap. The embroidery hoop fit perfectly!

The flap wraps from the back
The name label holds it closed

To hold the flap, folding around from the back, I used a printed label. It's hard to tell in the photo, but this has an instant photo pattern, and it's printed using my new tags and labels set. It was the perfect place to add the cheesy saying that I wanted to stitch for her! Easy, right?

Oh, and the small box is a necklace that I ordered from Iva Lilie. She was soooo sweet, and the necklace is beautiful...so perfect for my sister! It came in this little box, so I had one less pouch to make!

Now, I'm off to celebrate my sister's birthday with her!


  1. Very cute! Lucky sister. ;)

  2. this is such a fabulous idea!! thank you for sharing :)

  3. What a cute idea--and really easy too! :)

  4. you are so cute mollie! i just love packaging - i'm going home to work on my etsy shop christmas packaging tonight!

  5. Lovely! =)
    I like to make my own packages too :)

  6. That is a great idea. So easy. And, I have that kind of paper just sitting around...


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