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This is primarily a craft blog, and I like that. It's also a place where I share some things related to my shop. I like that too. But holding it all together, this is still a personal blog, and sometimes I like to talk about some things that aren't related to crafts or etsy. Sometimes I like to talk about life things. This is one of those posts.

I've been thinking about an idea...a question. It keeps coming up in my head, and I want to talk about it here and everywhere. This is it:

What do you believe and how does that belief affect your life?

It's probably safe to say that most of us believe more than one thing, and I keep adding to my list. But sometimes it's harder to define how those beliefs are actually make a difference in my life. Still...here are some things I've been coming up with (some are fun, some are more serious):

I believe that this planet is a gift, therefore, I look for ways to take care of it.

I believe that gathering with other Christians is important, therefore, I go to church every Sunday.

I believe that handmade is something to treasure, therefore, I make most of the gifts I give.

I believe in peace, therefore, I try to avoid stirring things up. (Try being key)

I believe that things are better with faces, therefore, I draw things with faces.

I believe that God wants my full devotion, therefore, I look for things that take me away from Him and remove those from my life.

Now it's your turn. Fill in the blank: I believe _____________, therefore, _________________.


  1. Great post!

    I believe that you get what you give, therefore I try and make the people around me happy.

    I believe the world would be a better place if there was more politeness in it, therefore I watch my manners.

    I believe that you should follow your intuitions, therefore I try to listen to my heart.

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I believe that knowing God's will requires listening therefore I read His Word every day.

  3. Very good post.
    I believe in prayer, therefore I pray every morning.
    I believe in positive energy, therefore I try my best to put it out everyday.
    I believe in teaching, therefore I use the platform I was given to teach my kids everyday.

  4. Wonderful idea.

    I believe in spreading joy, therefore I try to wear a smile and share kind words with everyone I meet.

    I believe in waste not want not, therefore I thrift, rummage, and share what I can with others.

  5. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Oh, Mollie! Thank you so much for your unhindered faith!
    I believe we are made in God's image, therefore I will treat those around me with dignity and love.
    I believe that God is our only hope, therefore I will not trust in lesser things.
    I believe our broken world needs a Savior, therefore I will take Him with me, and introduce Him as often as I can.
    I believe that God works through me, therefore I will give Him glory for every good thing my life creates.

  6. I *love* this! I might just turn it into a mini-album. Thank you for the inspiration.

    I believe you get what you give, therefore I try to be fair and positive.

    I could go on ... but I think I'll go write them down for that mini-book! :-)

  7. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I've found that it's much easier to state beliefs than it is to find how you back them up in your life every day. Would you agree?

  8. I believe that full recovery (from eating disorders and abuse) is possible, therefore I am writing a book to spread that message to those who most need to believe it.

    I believe that statement might need a blog post all of its own, therefore I will try to find time to write it....

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I believe that by doing good, good shall come to you; therefore, put more into this earth than you take out.

  10. I believe in Christ, therefore I seek the atonement.
    I believe joy is found in service, therefore I serve as often as I can.
    I believe that families are precious, therefore I try to protect, serve, and love them.
    I believe that good will prevail, therefore I live in hope and faith, and worry less.
    I believe that love can be felt in things homemade, therefore I buy less in the box and make more by hand.
    I believe one person can make a difference, therefore I try.

  11. i believe it is a waste of energy to get angry, therefore i try to see the humor in everything around me.

    & i believe that all love is equal, therefor i will never discriminate based on it.

  12. I was seriously thinking about this post all day yesterday, I love that the therefore makes you actually do something about what you believe. I just might have to steal this idea for a Sunday school lesson sometime, I love it that much!

    I believe all the beautiful people, things, and opportunities I'm surrounded by are a gift from our loving father in heaven, therefore I try to live with gratitude and thank Him every day :)

  13. Love this post!!! :)
    "I believe that handmade is something to treasure, therefore, I make most of the gifts I give." » I believe too :)

    I believe that positive thinking helps good things to happen, therefore, I take a positive attitude to face even the hardest days.
    I believe that the universe returns what we give, therefore, I try to be a good person and a friend of my friends.

    I believe that I will post this on my blog too, therefore, thak you for the inspiration :)

  14. Anonymous11:51 AM

    This post really made me smile, and made me think.
    Too many of us are way too conscious of "what people would think" if we talk openly about our Christianity, especially on a blog when you can't see peoples' reactions.
    I have so many things that could go in those spaces, I don't even know where to begin, so I shall simply say, thank you for your inspiring honesty =) x

  15. I believe in Jesus, therefore, I live my life devoted to him.

    I believe in handmade, therefore, I try to make handmade gifts, and decorate my home handmade.

    I believe in love, therefore, I make sure I tell my husband every day that I love him, and share God's love with other people.

  16. Thanks for asking Mollie!

    I believe that everything happens for a reason, therefore I am trying to be at peace with my work situation.
    I believe handmade is an important part of our culture, therefore I make as much as I can!
    I too believe this planet is a gift, therefore I'm trying my best to be creative in my protection of it.
    I believe that I am a Daughter of the King, therefore I have reason to rejoice everyday!!

  17. I love all of yours.... so I will just add these few.....
    I believe that we are all created beautifully therefore love God's creations.
    I believe that I have purpose therefore I will never stop my pursuit.
    I believe that there is good in all things therefore I will always seek it out.
    I believe in peace therefore I will keep it.

  18. That is such a good topic for a post!

    I believe that God made each and every one of us, and He loves us all dearly, therefore, we should love each other in the same way.

    I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way, therefore I try to look at EVERYTHING that way.

    I believe handmade gifts are more meaningful, therefore I hardly ever will buy a gift for someone.

    I believe in true love, therefore I will never give up looking for it.

  19. Mollie, this is brilliant!

    I believe that God made me unique for a reason, therefore I strive to be myself, rather than fit in.

    I believe that humans are most "human" when they create, therefore I value leading my children in "art" as much as teaching them to read.

    I believe that making friends on blogs is really worthwhile, therefore I read a lot of blogs and leave a lot of comments!

    I believe that God can use our gifts in ways we cannot anticipate, therefore I run a little charity quilting bee even though I don't always understand how a quilt can help.

    I believe in asking.

  20. I know I'm a few days late, but...

    I believe that God provides, and therefore I put my trust in Him and not in my income.

    I believe that we should use our bodies, therefore I put a timer on my computer (it reminds me to get up and Move!).

    I believe that so much of what we need we already have, therefore I refashion. And craft. And recycle.

    I believe that friendships are valuable, therefore I don't leave them up to Facebook & Twitter updates.

    Great post!

    Stephanie from Make Home Make Sense

  21. Love this!

    I believe the church is the hands of feet of Jesus, therefore I will spend my life serving others:)


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