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Hey! It's Saturday, and I have some winners to announce!

The winner of Anita's fish measuring cups and more is... Janee!

The winner of Kam's thermos embroidery pattern is... CJG!

The winner of Annie's fish wish accessories is... Sew Flippin Cool!

Congratulations, ladies! You'll be hearing from me soon.

And if you entered the giveaway for The Embroidery Project: All in the Details, check in on Ooh Leela! for an announcement of the winner!

Just today I won a giveaway on another blog, earlier in the week, I won another giveaway, and last week I also won. I always think that I'll never win, but this is proof that you should keep on entering! You never know!


  1. Wow! Thanks so much! Just this afternoon, I was telling my sister that I had entered, but probably wouldn't win... I plan to do a bit of embroidery this summer, while sitting in front of the fan, of course :)

  2. Congratulations everyone! One of these days I'm going to win something LOL

  3. so annie's giveaway is already over? :(

    aw mannnn i've been busy this past week to check up my blogs! :(

  4. Thanks again! I'm so excited to get started in the Embroidery Project!

  5. Congratulations to the winners - including you Miss Molly!!


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