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twitterday: changing the look

I love simplicity in design, so for a while, i didn't have a problem with a super basic look for my Twitter page. But then I realized that maybe it needed a little something. I mean, I wouldn't leave my blog with only a little photo of me, and nothing else to say what this is is all about, right? Right.

So I looked for a tutorial on how to create and add a custom background. I found this one, and it was just what I needed! Here's what I ended up with:
Twitter Background
The strip of pattern goes all the way down the edge, and I love it!

But maybe you don't want something only in the top corner. Maybe you want a pattern that covers the entire background? I've been wanting to create some fresh new patterns, and maybe you have some ideas?

Leave me a comment with some patterns and colors you'd like to be able to add to your Twitter or blog background, and next week, I might just have some here for you to download. Really!


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Thanks for the link to the tutorial on mashable. I like the Justine Ezeraik (@ijustine) background. How about a background with your pic hugging the olive?

    For my account, I want something that looks like paper photo corners and polaroid-y. I love those little corners, not sure why! Something like this: http://shadowhousecreations.blogspot.com/2010/02/old-polaroid-with-corners.html

  2. I like the simplicity of yours, it looks really good like that! my twitter page is so random lol I would love to find something that has crochet down the side or even something that looks embroidered would look cool

  3. I like what you've done. Very cool.

  4. I agree...I read an article about Twitter that says one of the biggest mistakes people make is not personalizing their pages enough. I like the simplicity of yours & the fact that it fits in nicely with your brand.

    I recently found this pattern (via Young House Love) & I can't stop thinking about ways to use it:


  5. Wow! That's so cool! :) I think a cute backround could be maybe birds, peas in a pod, something related to embroidery...those are my ideas. I hope this is helpful! :)

  6. Oh, gosh! I would love something peacock! I LOVE your style, Mollie and really love your little faced characters! :D

  7. Ideas are forming in my head... I'm so excited to work on these patterns!

    And peacock will most certainly make an appearance. It's one of my favorite colors right now!

  8. So cute! I would love something with yarn balls. Don't know how difficult that is, but it's always super difficult to find an attractive yarn background.

  9. My quilting club is named ""The Glory Bee's" If I was smart, I would do a subtle yellow with "Bee's" buzz buzz buzzing all around some simple stemmed "stick" flowers. What do you think?

    Jeanne.....who is sorry she has been absent for so long but with a little set back with the "ugly word (cancer)" I am not on the healing roll and ready to rock the town around!!!!

  10. Oops, that is supposed to be ""I am now on a healing roll

  11. Jeanne! I'm so happy to hear that you're recovering! Love your bees idea!


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