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satin sweets

Satin Sweets
One of my favorite movie lines is when Tom Hank's character in You've Got Mail tells Meg Ryan's character that he would send her a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. Love that! Freshly sharpened pencils would certainly get to me, but the way to really win me over is with a bouquet of embroidery floss.

And lately I've been completely won over by satin floss. It takes a bit more effort to work with, but it's sooooo pretty! It shimmers and shines and makes me smile. So if there's a guy out there looking for a way to win my heart, you now know what it takes.

As a side note, I've found that when putting colors together these days, they are brights like this. It's funny how you get into particular color moods, isn't it?


  1. i LOVE you've got mail! and yes, a bouquet of embroidery floss would be lovely...i'm a little nervous to use the satin floss, but i think the shimmery goodness might help me to get over it :)

    ps. my "all in the details" floss came on saturday! yay :)

  2. A bouquet of embroidery floss would be very nice... :)

  3. I've always loved that quote too. In fact, "You've Got Mail" is full of nice quotes... I really need to sit down and watch that one again!

    I've never used satin floss, but it looks so pretty!

  4. I think that a bouquet of floss would be perrrfect!

  5. i love these colors together. i love getting in color moods. hah.

  6. What a great idea - Embroidery Floss Galore !!!
    The colors in your photo are lovely ;)

  7. Lol I love it. You should make embroidery floss bouquets and sell them on Etsy :)


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