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hoist the main sail

Hello fellow Wild Olive fans and friends!

I am thrilled to share with you a simple and sweet project I just completed during a little late night craft-therapy. With this month's story of the Fisherman and His Wife, this nautical restyle seemed quite fitting for today.
sails 1
As a homeschooling mama of three, most of my craftiness is limited to things that can be drawn out over several weeks months or those accomplished in a short amount of time.  The challenging part is allowing my joy in being creative to not be limited as well.  It is possible to still love the process and the product!
sails 2
So take a look at how I put new wind in these sails with some pretty vintage fabrics.  After rummaging through my stash, I chose three prints to give this boat a colorful personality.  I simply draped them over each sail, pinned them to keep from shifting, and carefully (but imperfectly) cut out each sail.  The edges aren't exact and it doesn't bother me a bit.  No less lovely in my opinion.
sails 3
As you can see here, the new sails remain simply pinned to the originals.  Although I would have liked the look of these completely swapped out or at least basted on, that would have taken this project from enjoyable to a chore.  No need for that.
sails 4
The next morning, my littles were quick to notice the change. While this boat's home will be on a high'>http://www.flickr.com/photos/annaleahart/5734715540/in/set-72157610625131299">high shelf in our attic, the requests for its use in stuffed animal voyages or lego mini-fig battles have been made. I am sure that can be arranged.

Remember that a busy schedule does not have to mean a less creative you.  In fact, it takes a ton of creativity to work within and embrace your limited time and energy.  Don't lose heart! 

Thanks Mollie for having me over!

Annalea writes a blog, chooses joy, home schools her children, loves her husband, and follows Jesus. She's kind of my hero.


  1. This is a brilliant, I re-type, brilliant idea!!!!
    I love it so much.
    It makes me wanna go antique shopping for my own little boat.



  2. What an excellent idea! This looks so cute! I love model ships and have been meaning to take my old one from my parents' attic next time I'm there. I was going to display it just as is, but now it's going to get new sails!


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