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going back to nazareth

Last week our church gathered, as families, and visited Nazareth — Where Jesus was a Kid. Well, we didn't actually go there...it was the theme of our VBS. It was such a fantastic time. Kids raised money for missions, entire families worshiped together, parents blessed their children, and we all had fun together.

There were several elements to each night, and although I helped lead worship and assist with family small groups, I mainly prepared the craft items for the marketplace area. Crafts? Me? Oh, I guess that was a good fit. Here are a few marketplace pics that I grabbed. (I opted to not share photos of kids for the privacy of families.)
It is quite possible that the most popular area was where you could grind corn with rocks. Kids from ages 3-13 where all equally excited about it. So if you are looking for a messy, but cheap, activity, give your kids some dried corn and a couple large rocks! Go figure!

I'm still a little tired from last week, but also still feeling extremely blessed by the experience. Oh, and excited about next year!


  1. I loved going to VBS when I was little! I think every summer we made a cross magnet out of perler beads ... the purple and white one was my favorite for the longest time :)

  2. I'll be helping out at this year's VBS at my church. I'll probably be a teacher's helper though. :) So excited!! :)

  3. I loved VBS as a kid and my own girls did after me! Awesome VBS y'all had!

  4. We did Nazareth, too!!
    It was so much fun. I only helped with the crafts for a few days, but really enjoyed it. Did you all make the wool soap? It was really fun and easy and just so neat.

  5. how fun! i love all of the little crafts!

  6. How fun. I love the dried corn with rocks area. I remember VBS always marked the start of summer for me as a child.

  7. Anonymous10:06 PM

    that program looks awesome! we just finished with our vbs too. we'll have to check out the nazareth program next year!

  8. SO FUN! I'm glad it went well!


  9. Anonymous8:19 AM

    We looked at Nazareth, for our VBS, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really enjoy your blog.



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