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a cup cozy for your tea (or coffee!)

Tara over at Sew Tara makes cup cozies. Lots and lots of them! And she's currently giving away this one on her blog:
I Heart Handmade
Cute, right? Maybe you've even already entered to win it, because if you're a tea drinker (or coffee, because some of us enjoy both), you gotta love a good cup cozy. But you can get yourself a bonus entry and a chance for an extra Alice-themed handmade goodie. All you have to do is visit Sew Tara and leave a comment that mentions a tea party in some way (plus your contact info). It's a secret entry for Wild Olive readers...I love that!

So, to recap:
-Bonus entry when you work a tea party reference into your comment.
-If you win, your cup cozy comes with a bonus prize.



  1. OH.MY.WORD. so freaking cute!!

    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

  2. Suhweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks


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