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coming to the shop

White Rabbit
Recognize this guy? It's my White Rabbit illustration, stitched...which means...A whole pattern of Alice characters! It's called Curiouser, and I'm in love. I wish I had done this long ago. And check out this detail on the watch:
watch for details...
I used satin floss so it's all shiny!
Alice Banner
Also coming to the shop is this printable Curiouser banner, perfect for a little party.
Garden Gals Cards
And you know those talking flowers in Alice in Wonderland? I've got some of those too. The Garden Gals weren't planned to come out with the Alice-inspired items, but it worked out! Above is a printable kit with cards, envelopes, tags and wraparound labels.
Garden Gals
And how could not stitch up these flowers with faces? The pattern is designed to combine the flowers and leaves to make a garden or bouquet...and you mix 'em up however you like! And they are meant to be stitched with either running stitches or lazy daisies. So cute!

Now, I had better get to listing these! You'll see them start popping in the shop very soon. And remember...until the end of May, 100% of the profits go toward World Vision Caregiver Kits!


  1. yay! i was so hoping the curiouser set would be printable! do you plan on making more to go along with the banner? i hope so!


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