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sponsor diy: kat's terrariums

Kat's Terrarium 1
Kat from Cheshire Kat is here with a Simple Succulent Terrarium Tutorial!

  • Clear Glass container
  • Rocks
  • Dirt
  • Sand/fine gravel
  • Succulent
Kat's Terrarium 2
You can find most of these supplies at a dollar store. Walmart has some nice gravely sand with color and texture similar to a beach, for around $3 a bag. I buy my succulents at Home Depot. Individual ones only cost $2, so you can make one of these for under $10. Let’s get started!
Kat's Terrarium 3
If you can’t do it outside, make sure you lay down some paper for easy clean up. Now it is time to layer your supplies. I bought 2 different sizes of rocks, so I started by putting a few large ones along the bottom,
Kat's Terrarium 4
and then a layer of the smaller ones.
Kat's Terrarium 5
At this point you should set your succulent in the container to determine the placement of your succulent so you can adjust your layers accordingly. Make sure that the roots have enough soil to cover them, but they don’t really need much since succulents thrive in a hot, dry environment.
Kat's Terrarium 6
Finally, you top it off with a layer of sand. You can put a few rocks on top for interest, or even a plastic animal or gnome.
Kat's Terrarium 7
Have fun making it your own!
Kat's Terrarium 8
Love these, Kat! Thank you so much for such an easy way to create and keep beauty around the house. I'll be finding a spot in my work space to add one of these soon!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I feel inspired to make some for my home!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  2. I've only recently discovered your blog but have enjoyed it extremely so far. :D The free printables are always awesome and I love the ideas you share. I don't have much room anywhere at the moment to add a terrarium sadly but when I do, I know where to find a great way to make some. :D

  3. ahh I love indoor plants and these are so cute


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