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sponsor diy: granny squares with michelle

My sponsors have some wonderful things that they share on their blogs. Today they'll be sharing some fun things here on Wild Olive: giveaways, tutorials, good stuff. Be sure to check in all day!

Happy Friday, everyone! My name is Michelle Dillman of craftydill and I love all things vintage and handmade. Like many of us, I am a multi-generational crafter from a long line of sewers, crocheters, embroiders, etc. The generation dictated the craft- my mom did macrame, quilling and cross stitch while my grandmothers crocheted, quilted and embroidered. I have fond memories of watching and learning from these talented women and cherish those crafty moments with my grandmas! Which might explain why I love anything involving grannies- my own wonderful and creative grandmothers, apples and crochet motifs!!
My all-time favorite craft is crocheting and I have a tutorial for you all here on the most basic of motifs- the Granny Square. It requires basic crocheting knowledge and if you're not yet a hooker, I hope this inspires you to learn :)

Granny Square Tutorial


H hook [5.00mm]
worsted weight yarn [i used 'I Love this Cotton'- a Hobby Lobby brand...I LOVE this yarn!]
yarn needle

Stitches used [in US crochet terms]:
ch = chain
ss = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
granny [my own term] = 3dc in on chain space from previous round

*Weaving ends can be done as you go or, if you're like me, you can wait until the end and do it. I also like to stitch over the ends wherever possible.
Round 1:
1. begin by making a magic ring...if you're unfamiliar, there is a great step-by-step guide here - follow it through Step 6.
2. ch3 [counts as 1dc], into your ring 2 dc, *ch2, granny* (repeat ** 2 more times), join with ss into top of first ch3 and pull your magic ring closed.
Round 2:
1. ss in next two dc; ss in ch2 space from previous round
2. ch3 [counts as 1dc]; into same ch2 space 2dc, ch2, granny, ch1
3. *into next ch2 space granny, ch2, granny, ch1* (repeat ** 2 more times)
4. join with ss into top of first ch3; cut yarn with 6" tail and bind off
Round 3:
1. join new color with ss into corner ch2 space from previous round
2. ch3 [counts as 1dc]; into same ch2 space 2dc, ch2, granny, ch1
3. into next ch1 space granny, ch1; *into next ch2 space granny, ch2, granny, ch1; into next ch1 space granny, ch1* (repeat ** 3 more times)
4. join with ss into top of first ch3
Additional Rounds:
You can make as many or few rounds as you like and change color wherever you see fit.

Just remember that the chain count separating grannies in the corner is 2 and on the sides it is 1.
And the possibilities are endless for using your Granny Squares! There is plenty of inspiration on Flickr, Ravelry and other websites... You can make afghans, pillows, hotpads, dishcloths, sachet covers- whatever you can dream up! Or through 2011, send them to Sarah London for her charitable project, Crochet a Rainbow. Details can be found here.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I hope you enjoy this tutorial- I had a blast writing it up! - or are inspired to start hooking. Happy Spring!!

Thanks, Michelle! Now I'm in the mood to get back to some crocheting...


  1. Completely lovely! I learned to crochet years ago from my grandmother, and this has inspired me to pick it up again. It is one of those things that you can do almost without looking, which is part of what I love about it. And it is experiencing a real resurgence right now; anyone that wants to jump on the band wagon has a great start here!
    xo, A.

  2. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [26 Mar 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  3. I always wantedto learn to do that. Will give it a try!!! thanks

  4. I love the colors you chose for this.

  5. thanks for the lovely comments everyone! Anita, pick up that hook!! :)

  6. so sophisticated and beautiful, I love it. Thanks for sharing <3


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