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sponsor diy: sunrise folk

Today my sponsors are sharing some fun things, and Daphne is here with her very first tutorial (and it's a cute one)! Please welcome her!

Hello everyone! My name is Daphne, from Sunrise Folk, and Mollie has graciously allowed me to share a little tutorial with you today. I love to re-purpose things and I also love to send little packages of goodies every now and then to friends and family. This recycled packaging helps me do both! We all have this stuff laying around our house, so why not get one more use out of it before it hits the recycle bin? Grab that empty cereal box and some tape, and let's get started!
You'll need:
cardboard boxes (cereal, granola bar, rice, etc. - but don't forget to think outside the "box" too - a band-aid box works just as well!)
brown paper bag (optional - if you'd prefer to wrap your box)
tape (scotch tape and packing tape)
embroidery floss

When we have used up the contents of a box here at our house I open the bottom, fold it flat and store it in this magazine holder. That way, I don't have to eat 5 bowls of cereal on mail day to get an empty box - I've got some already stored away!

This first part is the brown paper method. I find it takes a bit longer, but who doesn't like brown paper packages tied up with string??
Step 1: If you're using a de-constructed box, be sure to tape the bottom back together. Fill with goodies and tape the top closed as well.

Step 2: Cut your brown paper bag open. I like to cut along one of the side creases to the end and then follow the crease around the bottom (basically cutting the bottom from the sides) then discard the bottom piece.

Step 3: Lay your box on the paper and wrap it like the present it is!

Step 4: Tape. Of course. My mom should be explaining this section, she is a heavy duty taper!

Step 5: We all have little bits and ends of floss hanging around. Come on now, I know you do! Now you have a (re)use for them too. I just tied several together with square knots to get a piece long enough to go around the package. Wouldn't a braid be pretty too?

Step 6: Decorate the paper with those markers and address your pretty packaging!

I prefer the inside-out method. It's a bit less time consuming and how I do most of my packages.
We just take the box apart at the side seam, turn it inside out, and tape it back together (inside out). That's it!
It's really easy! Now you have a nice clean slate to decorate and label.

Now get out there and send some re-cycled goodness!

Thanks, Daphne! I'm a huge fan of saving boxes for re-use, but I haven't packaged things this way before, and I can't wait to try it!


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