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love week: blogs i love

Just when I think that I can't add another blog to my Google Reader list (and yes, I've just started giving Blog Lovin' a try), another blog comes along and I'm hooked. Some of these are recent finds, and some are ones that I've been reading for a while and just haven't really mentioned. I won't overload you too much, but here are some blogs that I love:
Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy has many things that inspire me. Her shop items and projects use the most colorful fabrics. She's found a super lovely way to cover up holey jeans. Her house is really wow. But most of all, her What I Wore Wednesday posts have greatly influenced my fashion-style. Seriously, start reading her blog.
I feel as though I should have been reading Family Chic for a long time and have missed out. Camilla's blog is full of the kinds of tutorials that are exactly what I like to do. They are simple and sophisticated, and many times she uses embroidery. To make tags, chocolate bar wrappers, and even on leaves. Oh, yes...you'll love Family Chic as much as I do.
Good Knits is the newest to my list of blogs I love. It literally took about 30 seconds for me to fall head over heels. Gorgeous photos full of color, lots of crocheted lovelies, and man, how about these woven pieces of art!?! I can't wait to see what comes next from Lisa.

And here are a few more folks that you'll want to visit: Tyler Stanton is always good at making me laugh, Ginger and George has pretty things and fun color palette projects, and One Charming Party makes me want to throw the best celebrations ever.

(all photos are from their respective blogs and were used with permission)


  1. Thank you Mollie - you are so kind! Camilla

  2. Thanks so much, Molly - I'm chuffed (and blushing!) to be included in such a lovely round-up.


  3. I'm not a jeans wearer at all but the picture by The Pleated Poppy is just gorgeous! :)

  4. such cute blogs! certainly new favorites, thanks for sharing :]

    and i just have to tell you i love all the valentines crafts you've been posting, really got my creative juices flowing!!


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