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drawing on things you shouldn't

My mom raised me to value things, and not write or draw on things that weren't intended to be written or drawn on. I try not to blame her for my inability to write or draw on some things that ARE intended for it. (I don't want to mess them up!) We all continue to instill this idea (the non-neurotic version) into the little people around here, but despite our best efforts, this happened:
It's difficult to tell, but this is a Tinkerbell stamp, stamped all over a wooden tree house. The adults are not pleased. So when, a few days later, my brother presented me with this:
...my first reaction was "hey! you're not supposed to draw on that!" Then I realized two things. One, this is an old slip that isn't needed anymore. Two, that actually looks pretty cool.

It reminded me of two paintings I saw in Project ReStyle (here and here), which had delighted me so much. I thought it might do me some good to paint on something that I shouldn't (what is "should"?), so I did. Here's what I came up with:
A happy little tree on a page of The Swiss Family Robinson. I'm thinking it will get mounted onto a wood block, which I'll give to my tree-loving sister. Although I might tell her to hide it from the kids in the house that may get it in their heads that this is okay to try with other books...I can just imagine the things they'd try...


  1. Yup! Fun stuff! Looks like it all belongs now. :)

  2. I must admit I come from the "don't draw on things you shouldn't" camp and therefore all the amazing book art in the world (folded pages, altered books, paintings, etc) kind of creep me out (even though they are truly beautiful)!


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