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wonders of His love

This Christmas I've been listening to some traditional carols (in different styles and from different artists). Not listening to them a lot, but rather, when I listen, I really listen. These songs tend to be more like hymns, or in some cases, they are hymns, and there is such a depth to them. I love that. Joy to the World has gotten to me more than once. Consider some of these lyrics:

Joy to the World! The Lord is come!
(that in itself could get you thinking)...

He comes to make His blessings flow
(and He does!)...

and then, the inspiration for this little painting that I made yesterday:

He rules the world with truth and grace
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness
And wonders of His love

Ah, the wonders of His love! I just keep pondering that thought. Rolling the words around in my head. Because His love is a thing of wonder. And I never want to forget that, or lose that wonder.


  1. Even before reading your lovely post the adorable photo immediately set off this song in my head. Thank you for the smile this song always brings ;)

  2. Amen, Mollie! Jesus is the reason for the season, to borrow an oft-used cliche... How easy it is to forget.

    I love your work! The propitious pine smiles at me from my desktop - inspired by your love of ordinary smiling little things, a few weeks ago I tried the technique of coloring on fabric with crayon and embroidered a little smiling lime for myself. He's tucked in a place near my computer screen that only I can see, and makes me smile whenever I look at him. He reminds me not to take myself or others too seriously.

    God bless you! Happy Advent...

  3. I absolutely cannot agree more. One of the bestest things about Christmas Carols is exactly what you pointed out-that they have a much deeper meaning. He rules the world with truth & grace. Love that. What could be better than having that tune in my heart, singing. I love your little painting, and your inspiration.
    Be blessed xo

  4. That has been my favorite song this year. I love the verison by Mannheim Steamroller. I have a wild imagination so I "try" to imagine heaven and the grand chorus, dancers, artists and musicians all rockin' out for His glory. Awesome. I keep picturing a guy with a mowhawk playing the chimes..he he. I don't know what heaven's like but it is fun to imagaine right?


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