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christmas wish lists (part 1)...

handmade christmas

You've met my wonderful sponsors, right? They are super fantastic, and they have some excellent taste. Not because they sponsor Wild Olive, sillies, but because they have come up with some lovely gifts on their wish lists. So, throughout the next two weeks, I'll be sharing with you my sponsors answers to the question:

What handmade item is on your Christmas wish list?

Kam wants a Behind Every Clever Girl is a Guy with a Beard and Glasses card! "It's too perfect, it will look fantastic framed and sitting on my desk :) Sadly, the shop owner needs to restock these suckers! I'm pretty convinced my boyfriend modeled for this print, it looks a lot like him and he's the biggest supporter of Campfire Chic, so I think this card is simply made for me :)"

Find more from Kam at her blog, Campfire Chic!

Alycia answered: "Living in California, I haven't really had the need to wear gloves. I actually don't even think I own a pair. I just shove my hands in my pockets. But this Christmas I'm going home to NY and I know I'll be needing something super snuggly and warm and so I've had my eyes on these mittens. I love how they are really long so no cold air or snow can get in near your wrist :)"

Read more from Alycia on her blog, The Curious Pug!

And just because it's too cute, here's the latest addition to my favorites list? How could I not love this vintage ornament decoration?!

Now, how about you? What handmade item is on your Christmas wish list?

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  1. Those red mittens are so adorable!


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