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what keeps us blogging...

Hello Monday! I am determined to get through, and have it be a good day! Sometimes with days like this, it's all one can do to survive the day, let alone blog and not be a total grump about it. And it's not just Mondays, right? Blogging on a regular, or somewhat regular, basis can be a challenge. So I asked all of my wonderful sponsors this question:

"What keeps you blogging on a regular basis?"

Michelle from Scissor Quirk said...

The inspiration it gives/brings! Well, and the accountability part of it, too. lol. I visit a ton of blogs for inspiration and to feel artistically connected, someway somehow, to some of my favorite artists. I figure it's only good ju-ju/karma that I give something back to blogland for it giving me so much inspiration - and in the hopes that I, too, may inspire somebody. :) Plus - I need deadlines to work (I'm the queen of starting-but-not-finishing), so the fact that I need something to post next is sometimes good enough oomph to get her done! And it's just fun, too.

Holly from Mommy Holly said...

Blogging is my outlet. :) I can share, exhibit, teach, beautify, and befriend through my blog. I can tell stories, share photos, and keep a running online record of my life. And above all, it is my way to keep in contact with like-minded individuals- the community that bloggers have built is amazingly extensive and so beautiful! :)

Kara from I Just Might Explode said...

I blog regularly for a few reasons which I are tied to the reasons I actually blog.

I blog as therapy. I'm a proponent of honest blogging, because I think transparency is personally healthy and because I think there is a wonderful human connection found in it. I blog as therapy to keep myself sane, to ask for help, and show everyone else that it is okay to not be okay.

I blog for recording. I art journal and journal on occasion, but my blog is not only a record of the events and activities in my life, but record of who I was in that point in time.

I blog for community. I have some great friends whom I have met from blogging and I love the interaction I get from comments and reading other people's blog.

I think those are all good reasons to blog and all three of them are constantly encouraging me to keep doing it. I love the release of honest writing, the laugh I get from reading old, dorky posts, and the great people and insight I get to encounter everyday.

Jessica from A Little Gray said...

I think the creative community online is what keeps me blogging regularly. It's really cool how I've "met" people though blogging. And there is so much inspiration out there that I just feel like I should be trying to add to it. I want to be a small contributor, not just an observer. My son Hendrix is my biggest creative inspiration so I'm including a picture of him.

Katie from Green Bean Studio said (er, well, drew...love it!)...

what keeps (katie!) blogging

The Mystery Joy Attack said...

The thing that keeps me blogging on a regular basis is the commitment to MJA that I made years ago. It was an idea we had formulated nearly three years back and have slowly built up, and I truly believe in the sentiment of spreading unconditional joy. The fact that blogging allows us to do this is a micro kinda way online, alongside our packages, means that the joy is all the more accessible. Blogging every day is fun for us too, as in the process of finding posts, we find new things that bring joy to us too. It's all about the joy! I love that blogs are unconditional forums of creativity and expression. I had never wanted one before, but MJA seemed perfect for one, as opposed to a website. Now I would like to have blogs for all of my hobbies!

Tara from Sew Tara said...

I try to blog on a regular basis! The funny thing is I started my blog, almost a year ago now, as a way to keep myself crafting. I thought it would create some accountability and momentum if I was putting it out there that I intended to be crafty and keep it up, sort of a outloud promise to myself. It was all for me and so I was pretty delighted once I had regular readers, comments and some emails, it's been great. Now things have shifted a bit and I have to make the time for blog posting thanks to all the silly crafting I'm wrapped up in! Inspiration is everywhere for me now and my ideas are like popcorn in my mind. I get one little thought and suddenly 4 or 5 ideas are busting out from that one, it's contagious! Fantastic too. I get to be crafty, be a mom to my little boys, work as a teacher and am surrounded with creative people. I have it all right now and it's great.

Wow! I was going to ad something here myself, but everyone here has covered all of my favorite reasons! Thank you so much to my fantastic sponsors. Be sure to stop by each of their blogs, because they have good stuff to share!

If you're interested in having your blog sponsor Wild Olive, I'd love to have you! In fact, watch the blog for more info about what will be happening for all new October sponsors...


  1. What an inspiring post! I took the summer off from blogging and my blog reading list as they began to feel like a chore. My blogs are used primarily as a way to document my crafty accomplishments and my family activities. I haven't really invested time in building a following. My return to bloggin was hampered by a fall and a broken ankle, but I spent the weekend gathering thoughts and posting a couple of items. It feels good to put my thoughts "down in writing."

  2. i love the top link!! i cant believe i never saw her before!

  3. This is a great post! I'm happy I feel like I can really connect to their responses :) You have some amazing sponsors.

  4. Sometimes I truly wonder. Most of the time I know I do it for me. I love following others (almost to addiction level). I don't have that many followers myself but it's a commitment I made to myself and I believe it continues to help me grow as a person. Putting myself out there, reflecting, doing something for "me", always thinking of how I can improve my blog, my words, myself.

  5. As someone who definitely blogs in spurts this is a great post to spur on, thanks!


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