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i enjoy being a girl...

Have you ever seen/heard this song? It's from Flower Drum Song, and it has been going through my head as I've been working on something. Something lovely.


This is from the first in (hopefully) a series of patterns that each focus on one of the reasons why I enjoy being a girl. All of the items in this one are different kinds of makeup things. It includes lipstick, a pencil, a mirror, a small brush, lip gloss, mascara, nail polish, powder/blush, and eyeshadow. (They don't have names yet, but I'm taking suggestions!)

4-page PDF has a cover sheet with instructions/tips, 1 page of color suggestions, 1 page of patterns and 1 page of patterns reversed.

I enjoy being a girl...

Here's the thing about these patterns. They are only available here, and you can only get them by making a donation to the World Vision Girls in Crisis Fund. Why? Because we get to enjoy being girls, and not everyone has that privilege. This is a way to help change that.

A pattern set like this would normally cost $4.00 in my shop, but there is no set price for this. Give as you feel led, or as you are able to. All money (minus a small processing fee for FirstGiving) goes directly to World Vision.

Want the pattern? Make a donation, then either send me an email (molliejohanson{at}gmail{dot}com), or leave a comment here (include your email address) to let me know. I'll email you the pattern set within 48 hours.

A special note about this set. Like my other patterns, this is for personal use. However, you may make items with these patterns, and use them for non-profit fundraising. I'm happy to answer any questions about this.

Thank you for considering this purchase for an amazing cause!


  1. Oh my word !!! Those are mind blowingly awesome!!! I must have!! And what a great cause!!

  2. Ok miss Mollie, made my donation, wish it could've been more, but I am a bit strapped right now. You can email the pattern to me at cshortprudhomme@yahoo.com

    Courtney P

  3. I truly love your illustrations! I'm an advertising design student and your blog is such an inspiration and reminds me why I love my career! :)

  4. I remember singing that song in the choir at intermediate school - LOL!

  5. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I tried to donate, it wouldn't accept my card though :o( I've got a Visa Debit and it wouldn't recognise it as a Visa. Marie x

  6. Aww, well thank you for trying, Marie! Send me an email, okay?

  7. I love them! I will hit you up when I get paid on Thursday.

    Wanna know a secret? I sort of hoard your patterns! I've only used a few, and the rest are safely in my bulging embroidery pattern file box! I need to get stitching on more of them soon!

  8. Hi Mollie. I made a donation but wish it could have been more. I just got back from taking my niece to diabetes camp which was expensive but soooo worth it. Please email when you can!
    Debbie Hicks


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!