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sew tara...

I'm really so very happy that today we get to hear from one of my sponsors, Tara, of the blog, Sew Tara. Make sure to get down to the end of the post, because there's a giveaway too!

In a recent email, Tara mentioned that she's been accomplishing a lot lately, and that the ideas just keep coming. Who doesn't love that feeling? So I asked her about that. Specifically, I asked her what brought her to this place, and here's what she had to say:

"You know, I'm not really sure but it's almost like the stars are in alignment or something and there was a CLICK!

I've got a ton of projects 'in progress', or things not even started like online class projects, so it's not like I *needed* to come up with new ideas they're just flowing right now and I'm trying to keep up and run with it! I'll just guess at what's making it happen in case any one else wants to try.
  • School ended for the year so I'm on vacation from work! I taught half time so I still had time during the school year but now it's everyday I get to craft.
  • We have a routine for our days, get up go to the gym, do something all together, have lunch, Nate naps and Wesley has quiet time and I craft! Once Nate wakes up things are on hold until after kiddies go to bed then I get creative again until the wee hours.
  • I surround myself with things that focus on where I'm heading right now, website, magazines, books and stores. I have some creative friend's and it's great to just chat with them about what they're up to as well. Seeing what other people are doing can really help inspire you or just keep you motivated to continue creating.
  • I worked hard to put a few more items in my shop and it feels great to see them there and watch the number of views climb, sort of makes it all seem more real.
It's all strangely addictive and I feel compelled to keep going. I'm having such fun being creative, connecting with other creative people and sharing what I'm up to. It's been a fantastic journey so far. Thanks for being part of it!"

passport pocket

Not only has Tara shared her experience, but she's also got a passport pocket to share! And see that circle with the question mark? That's where she'll custom monogram it for you! So cute!

To enter, go check out Tara's blog, then come back and leave a comment telling what your favorite thing is that she's been making. Oh, and your name and a way to contact you. We'll choose a winner on Monday the 26th. Good luck!


  1. I LOVE her double rainbow (so intense) pillow!! That video (and the spinoff songs) has been a running joke with my friends at work, so to see it cleverly crafted into a pillow (http://www.etsy.com/listing/51855404/double-rainbow-intense-throw-pillow) just gives me the giggles right down to my feet.
    My name is Katie, I can be reached at klane@ufl.edu. Thank you, and I love your blog!

  2. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I love two things that she is working on. The rainbow pillow is so fun looking and cherry but I love the flip flop clutch. That is sooo cute.

    Name is Danielle and i am at Loveslove00@aol.com

  3. Anonymous12:11 PM

    The Bag Tara finished on June 15th is my favorite. I'm an addict to bags, plus I've been learning how to crochet and have tried to make some doily's like the one on her bag.
    Loving the guest entries!!!!

  4. I absolutely adore the double rainbow pillow!

    I'm a new lurker on your blog and have been really loving it!

    xo, Janae (janaetime@yahoo.com)

  5. I completely fell in love with the moose fabric on the passport holders. Precious.

  6. It would have to be the double rainbow pillow! SOOOO Adorable.

    I love the passport holders as well. I will be needing one quite soon and would love something cute and adorable to wrap around my passport!

  7. i've been itching to travel, so those passport covers caught my eye...i <3 that canadian one...even though i am a born-and-raised illinoisan, i think i'm really meant to be a canadian :)

  8. Laura Cairns2:20 PM

    My fav's so far are your taggie blankets, the teabag cozies & koolaid bags. The new passport holders are so cute & gave me an idea for a challenge for you :)

    Everyday I use my ugly YRT plastic bus pass holder & when I saw the passport holders I wondered if you could make one for ID/passes.
    It would need to have a clear plastic window on the inside so you don't have to keep pulling the ID/Pass out. Are you up for it? lol :)


  9. Just to mess with everyone I just added an item to the shop!


  10. Laura Cairns2:41 PM

    Awww...its so cute!

  11. Anonymous3:31 PM

    My favorite is absolutely the cupcake pin in your etsy shop! It's adorable!

    Liz- lizjenkins728@yahoo.com

  12. The Koolaid Jammer Bags are so clever and cute!
    That would me my favorite - well I love the retro pepsi fabric too - hot air balloons-very cool.
    Thanks Colleen

  13. Finding a favorite was hard for me. I think I'll settle on the tea bag holder because drinking tea is one of my favorite things to do. Oh yes, the rainbow pillow is pretty awesome too.

  14. the double rainbow pillow is hillarious! LOVE IT! Good work! Love the tea holder also!

    kastner.emily@gmail.com :)

  15. Ooh I really like the owl notebook holder

  16. Currently Love the Tea Pouches ^_^ Though if I had kids, the taggie blankets would be my #1. ^_^

    Joanna sweet_mysterium@hotmail.com

  17. cool giveaway! i love her very cherry clutch!

  18. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I could really use this passport cover as hubby and I are going to Ireland in May!!!

    I like Tara's ribbon curtains!! What a cute colorful way to brighten a room!!!

  19. I am totally loving the Little Red tea bag holder/cozy. I like the whole idea of keeping my tea pretty. Everything should be pretty and tea is no exception. It is like a travel case for your tea. Love it

  20. i really like the passport holders...i'm not a boy, but i love the canadian moose prints...i did just return from canada and will go back in a couple of weeks...i don't have a cover for my passport...



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