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we did more than just survive...

Our week of Egypt VBS (or as we called it, "Family Bible Adventure") is over. When you get through something like this, it's easy to think, "we survived!" But the reality here is that my family and all of the people to helped and supported the project did more than just survive. We succeeded! We had fun! And we're already looking forward to next year!

My sister took TONS of photos, and I was usually so caught up in things that I forgot. But I did make sure that I got at least one each day for my Year in Pictures project. Here's one last look at the week:

YIP2010 - 165
Ready for families to show up...

YIP2010 - 166
Tired, but dressed up feet...

YIP2010 - 167
Over 50 costumes...

YIP2010 - 168
Snake races...

Anna and Me
Anna and Me, all dressed up!


  1. I bet you and the kids all had a great time! Looks like you have a large church! Wish us luck, we'll be having a western themed VBS next week. We've really gone all out decorating this year. :)

  2. Our VBS is in one week, and I'm in charge of crafts....yikes!

  3. Ladies, you (and your VBS's) are officially on my prayer list. Trust God to do great things as you are serving Him!

  4. i volunteer every year for our church's vbs. it is a blast! how wonderful for you to share your pictures here!


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