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doilies that I'm loving...

colorful doilies!

1. ACRYLIC 7.5 inch bright RED DOILY, 2. a 'whatnot' gleeful tree..., 3. 2 color oval, 4. day 2. pink, 5. 92/2009: Oh, Dear., 6. Mardi Gras Doily Trio, 7. PK 61 - "Lavish", 8. Tea coaster by Etsuko Taniuchi #2, 9. More and more and more

It seems a little silly, but I'm really loving doilies right now. But not just any. I really like bright colored doilies. I have no idea what I would do with them, but I think they are really fun. (Plus they could be an interesting thing to learn how to make.)

Above are a few Flickr photos that I've found (so colorful!). And then, you can buy some from Fresh Vintage Crafts or Sweet Vintage. And then, once you've purchased or made some, why not make one of these?


  1. I love doilies too! You can frame them as wall art ... you can sew them onto clothes ... you can make teeny tiny ones as earrings .... coasters , or if you use multiple strands of yarn you can turn it into a rug.... there really is a lot you can do with them! :) A great thread to use is DMC Senso 100% cotton ... it is size 3, and works up pretty fast ... it also comes in really bright colors :) The texture is really nice too .. it is not too stiff, and not too soft.

  2. Thank you, Sara! I really want to try making them, but as a crochet newbie, I'm nervous. And, I fear it may eat up all my time...I'm easily craft obsessed!

  3. I love them too! Sometimes I just make them and put them aside to later use as part of a present or something. The tablecloth is awesome too. I can't wait to see what you'll make and do with them.

    Don't worry, crochet newbies can make them too - just look for an instruction book with text and diagrams, and take it one stitch at a time - you'll find you'll surprise yourself. I know you can do it!

  4. doillies are awesome! I know there's not enough of them in my home! :)

  5. i love your doilies, thye look super cute thanks for linking to my shop you rock and i really love your little coffee cup holder thats awesome.
    have a great week


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