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life's highlights...

valentines flowers

On Sunday, my mom bought these flowers. Not very romantic, buying yourself flowers, but they were on sale. And we like having fresh flowers around when we can.

YIP2010 - 046

Over the weekend, I finished stitching this up. It was a gift for my brother's birthday. He's a big Toy Story fan, and he liked it. Even at 16. He's also excited about Toy Story 3 coming out...


Yesterday I ate some Razzles. And then nearly choked on the gum. Lovely.

Also, I've been trying to stretch myself more with photo editing, and trying out my new Adobe CS3 software. I'd like to find a style to my photography and editing, but right now, it's feeling a little all over the place.

Oh, and those flowers? This morning our cat knocked them off of the mantle. And sent a large vase shattering all over the living room.

Can't wait to show you something that I rediscovered at our house...it's soooo sweet!


  1. razzles make me think of one of my secret shames, the movie 13 going on 30. love it!

  2. I love that embroidered cowboy boot big time! :)

  3. The toy story embroidery is awesome!! I love the movies

  4. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I love the Toy Story embroidery! How clever. I'm 25 and am not ashamed to say I will be first in line for Toy Story 3. :D
    ~Christine H.


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