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making some dough...

We don't have television coming into our house. (sometimes we do, but we find that it makes life a bit more peaceful without it) You miss a lot of commercials this way, which is not a bad thing. We do, however, have DVD players and TVs. Recently in with the previews for a kids DVD, there was a Pillsbury commercial, and my brother Max was introduced to the Dough Boy.

YIP2010 - 029

He made me come to see him because, as he said, he's the cutest thing ever. Oh, and could I please make one for him? I knew that we used to have a rubber figure of him, and I thought I would find that for him. But I couldn't find it. Max was disappointed at Christmas when the Dough Boy wasn't one of his gifts. And he's been after me since then.

Yesterday I drew up a pattern, and started making.


I'd love to have this match the actual Dough Boy a little better, but Max is happy, and that's all that matters.

PS: Thanks for all of the Groundhog iPod case love!


  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    He's adorable! Great job! No word of a lie I saw one of these little dough boys for $8 canadian in an antique market today.
    I like yours much better :) xx

  2. I have a fond place in my heart for the Pillsbury dough boy. For years my grandma had a plastic figurine of him on top of one of her kitchen cabinets (along with a massive novelty-coffee-cup collection)/ When she passed away, both my sister and I wanted it, so my mom scoured antique stores and flea markets until she found another one so we could both have one. Now he holds court on my kitchen windowsill (a bit of whimsy in an otherwise fairly modern kitchen).

  3. I'm afraid I always think of Ghostbusters when I see the dough boy... yours is very cute...

  4. Can you crochet? I made this one for my big brother to watch over his kitchen as he bakes....


  5. This little man is so nice... all in white and with such a smile...


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