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folded paper favorites...

origami that I'm loving...

1. Origami Green stars, 2. Loop, 3. paper cranes, 4. Rings Mette Unit, 5. Paper Crane, 6. Origami Stars, 7. Colourful Cranes, 8. Tem cheiro de amor no ar, 9. Inflatable Piggy

I've been thinking about origami lately. Drawing it even. So I did a bit of searching and found these lovelies on Flickr. I also really like these penguins. (They weren't available for the mosaic) And how about this great book?

I have a feeling you'll hear more about my new obsession...

For now, do you have a favorite origami design?


  1. I really love the little stars. I haven't had the patience yet to try to learn how to fold them.

  2. Oh they are all so beautiful! I too, especially love the little stars -I hear they are a bit hard to do. I have stacks of origami paper and because it's so beautiful I don't like to use it!
    Some people can sure create some amazing things though

  3. How cute! I love it

  4. Hey, this is my photo of the kusudama! Fits really good in the collage ;)

    bye Tine

  5. Great selection of origami models! Star and piggy look awesome :D


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