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giveways and caregiver kits...

I need to interrupt the start of Inspiration Week, with an announcement or two. Or three. (An inspiration post will came a little later.)

First off, we have a winner for the 12 book panel fabric! There were 29 comments, and 1-29 is what I put into the Random Number Generator. Here's what I got:

Counting from the top, comment number 19 is Brianna! Congrats, dear! I'll get your prize in the mail this week!

Next giveaway announcement: The $25 Gift Certificate from the drawing in my shop went to bicoastalgirl! My mom picked her name out of a bag, and it was all very exciting. Actually, I interrupted my mom while she was vacuuming, so maybe it wasn't THAT exciting...but really, it was. Congratulations to bicoastalgirl!

Now, the big news. Caregiver Kits is over once again. This is both exciting and sad for me. I love watching the count go up, and I'll miss that. Regular sales don't have the same meaning as ones that do something special, you know? But the exciting thing is that we reached 26 Kits, which can help 1300 people!

That's 6 Kits more than last time, and we did it in less time. I couldn't do this by myself, so THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Yes, that was yelling!) What will God do next? I can't wait to see...


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