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elements of style...

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. I'm pleased to say that I managed to finish her gift in time, even though it was different than my original plan. I made her three small things.


This simple headband, which is just a large button sewn onto an elastic headband. It looks so cute on her! I have some other cool old buttons (bigger still!) that I am going to try playing with too.


This bracelet, which I almost didn't want to give up. Again, super simple. These are just some vintage buttons threaded onto vintage yarn as I braided. Easy and cute!

The third part of the gift I'll share after the weekend. I still need to take pictures. And it will also be my next thing to do with embroidery. I'll give you a hint though...it's another wearable. Fun!

My sister is a source of style for me. She's young and much more hip than I think I am. But then, what do you expect from a 22 year old? It's the 4 year old that surprises me with her elements of style. She knows what she likes, she puts it together, and she works it:


I love this look and totally wish I could pull it off!

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  1. Looks great! I'm actually making a couple of bracelets similar to yours for my friends birthdays, too! lol

    And oh my gosh...I'm always walking through the kids clothes in stores...and I'm more jealous of their clothes than my own! haha


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