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a spark of color creativity...

watermelon brooch

I mentioned this a couple weeks ago, but, The Spark. It's a new challenge blog and this is what I came up with for the first "Color Combo" challenge. Frosted watermelon shades are a favorite of mine right now...so I went all literal. Very unlike me. But I do like how the eyes and mouth look like seeds at first, but then you spot them.

Using both paint and embroidery was a fun thing for this brooch. AND it looks quite lovely on my Eco felt, yes? I'm feeling all mixed media lately...

And just a side note, one that lacks a lot of color, today my sister caught this picture of me...I like.


  1. Love the picture your sister took of you! :D

  2. Love the brooch - especially the little seeds and the felt backing ;) Thanks for sharing The Spark - that's a new one for me. Be sure to check out the eco-felt giveaway on my blog!

  3. Cute wat E melon! I love how his little face is there when you look close enough. And the picture your sister took is great--looks like a postcard. Isn't it great when you someone takes a picture of you that you actually like?! You have reminded me to post my Spark challenge.

  4. So cute! And I looove eco-felt. I want to just order everything when I look at that site, lol

    Thanks so much for your entry, too! :)


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