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a few of my favorite (printable) things...

Wow. Life has been feeling very busy lately. Like, for a month. Each week I go, as soon as _______ is done, it will get better. But then, there's always another thing. All of this is to say, today felt like there was just enough time to do the things that had to get done. Barely time for other things. And I was thinking, what will I blog about? How about some of my favorite Etsy things?

Just to narrow this down a bit (because there is so much that I love on Etsy), I thought I'd share my favorite printables. Now, I make and sell printables for my own shop, so I suppose these folks are my competition. But really, there are so many different styles and items out there, that I'm ok with sharing the love.

Little Paper Dog has the sweetest designs! I especially love the printable notes and mini book sets.

Printable 3D tree cards? LOVE! Find them from Go Make Me.

govango has all kinds of fun printables, like the stationery above. Also, her prints are soooo cute!

The Small Object. Need I say more?

That last one is probably something I should buy. Then at least the mountains of things I want/need to get done will look cute on their list!


  1. Oooh Mollie, thanks so much for sharing the links to so many printable goodnesses ! TSO to-do list would be much useful to me too ! LOL
    oxoxoxo thinking about you

  2. the last ones are adorable! & a really great shop!

  3. Thanks so much for including my mini books in your post! You made my day. :)

  4. whoaaa you blogged about my shop! that's so cool! hahaha. You made my day as well! :D


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