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recycled baskets...

Recycled Baskets

These fun little baskets are the last addition to the Christmas tree. Well, actually they are under the tree, just for fun, but they seemed to go well with the tree.


About a month ago, my mom got some new nesting earthenware mixing bowls. The cardboard stars/flowers were the packaging that protected them from each other. The moment I saw them I knew they had potential, so I saved them.

Baskets, I thought. Yarn or string sounded like a good way to weave them, but when we decided to go "recycled" for the tree, I remember something I had been hanging onto. This yarn that I used is the inside of a baseball. (My brother had one come apart and gave me the insides. Cool.) The texture is a bit odd for other things, but for this? Perfect!

Wrapping the Yarn

I tried a few ways to weave these, but ended up tying the string around one "spoke". Then I wrapped the string around each "spoke", one at a time, and kept going until I had reached the top, and tied it off. They aren't too sturdy for holding anything substantial, but they are kind of cute and make nice display baskets.

Now, go get yourself some mixing bowls and a baseball, and you can make a basket too!


  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    these are brilliant! so excited to have found you today. blessings to you in the new year!


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