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adorn your gifts with an ornament...

Printable gift tag ornament

Optimistic Ornament would love to adorn your gifts...and your tree! This month's printable is a gift tag/ornament. Download and enjoy! (If you like this, you might also like the Cookies for Santa gift tag/ornaments in my shop!)

Printable gift tag ornament

And because I'm on a roll with things for you to download, tomorrow...a very special snowflake embroidery pattern!


  1. Mollie, would it be ok if I used a few ornaments to make a garland? I have one hanging on my headboard with black cats & pumpkins and I think it's time to change it out. Thanks for the snowflake embroidery pattern and for everything you share with us!

  2. What an adorable idea, Patty! Go for it! (Pictures when you're finished?)

  3. These are cuties! Thank you and merry christmas!

  4. Warkitten13074:57 PM

    You don't mention what the plastic is from...

    1. They are just printed on paper or cardstock.


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