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she knows me so well...

All Year Round

It's amazing. My mom knows me better than is probably sane. Like the other day when I walked into the room, and instantly she knew that I had something on my mind. And here I thought I was concealing it. Anyway, there are times that this can be disconcerting, but then there are times when it works out so, so well. Like when my mom found this book for me that is beyond perfect.

All Year Round is filled with all kinds of crafts and activities for, yes, all year round. A hare to knit. Pinecone gnomes. Snowflake stars. Valentine bird biscuits. And it all has the classic, sweet feeling of the items that Hearthsong sells. Wonderful. I'm' sure my mom knew that I would want to make and do everything in the book.

Enticing Shelves

As a side note, here's a quick shot of my sister exploring the shelves in my office. She didn't do much harm, but wait until I show you a picture of what some brothers of mine did to knitting needles...


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