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a reducing resolution...half way there...

I once read an article about a group of people who made a resolution to not buy anything new (toiletries were an exception) for an entire year. Buying used items was okay, just not new. The idea was (and is) that our society, and all of the stuff we have, is too disposable. How true. What they found was that they could get by quite well, and in fact, some continued the challenge the next year.

The idea stuck with me, and I've thought a good deal about it. But it seemed like too big of a change for me to start with. But I wanted to do something. So this year my somewhat secret New Year's resolution was that I would go the entire year without buying any new clothes. I have so much, more than many people in many countries would have in a lifetime. And why not wear what I have?

I'm pleased to say, that nearly half way through the year, I'm pretty much on target. My confession is that I bought a pair of unworn shoes...for $2...from Goodwill. But overall, it's been a good year for reducing the buying of new things. And when I need something different to wear, I just steal it from a sibling's closet!

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  1. Hi Mollie -

    I saw that same story and also found it inspirational. I think the folks who made the pledge are from San Francisco.

    I too and working hard this year to do something to benefit the environment - and coupled my efforts with my 'Resolution Project'.

    Drop by IResolveTo.Com sometime . . . I would love to hear if you make it to January 1 without buying new clothes! Good for you for sticking with it for the first six months! :)



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