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breakfast naming contest...

I've taken a few weeks off from creating new doodles on the computer, but have been mulling over some new ideas in the sketch book. Today it seemed like a good time to get them going. They don't really have an official name for the group of them, but these doodles are breakfast in theme and each have their own personality characteristic. Sinuous Cinnamon Roll, Waffling Waffle, Sodden Cereal, and Scattered Eggs are their names.

Now, any thoughts on what I could call the lot of them? Initially I thought "Breakfast Buds" but I'm not so thrilled with that. But it needs to be something to do with breakfast or mornings or something like that.

I'm looking for ideas, so please leave your thoughts in the comments. If I choose yours, I'll send you a set of these doodles made into buttons! Now, be creative, keep it clean, and make it cute!

Update: Lots of great ideas have been shared, most of which can be seen here. But I've decided to go with Bitty Breakfast Buddies. Thanks, alamodestuff and sons!


  1. Bitty Breakfast Buddies
    Tummy Teasers
    Tummy Ticklers
    Brunch Boys
    Incredible Edibles (why does this sound familar?
    Cereal Sidekicks

    BTW, my boys helped (6 & 11).

  2. The Incredible Edible Egg!

    These are great! Tell your Brunch Boys thanks for me!


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