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how the bunny felt...

A little Easter Bunny

Last week I started this little bunny, and now, he's finished. I always think of the Easter Bunny as being chocolate, which, perhaps is a little sick. I also like it when the Easter Bunny is more traditional rabbit, on four feet, and less talkative and walking on two feet. An exception is the book The Story of the Easter Bunny...truly charming.

Bunny Backside

Although I find his face to be cute-ish, it's the backside that I love. Something about that fluffy tail. It seemed to be a bit of a challenge to get that right, but it was nothing compared to the Easter Eggs. You would think that they wouldn't be too difficult, after all, they're pretty simple. But...because they're on the small side, it was a pain (almost literally!) to poke them with a needle, and shape them into something resembling an egg. But they are all finished now, and just in time. Who would believe that it's Palm Sunday with only one week to go until Easter!?!

Easter Eggs


  1. ooh i love needle-felting, it's so satisfying! your bunny turned out great! not sure i'd enjoy being poked so much though :D

  2. yes, very relaxing...as long as you're not so relaxed that you forget where the roving ends and the fingers begin...


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